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Information about Grafik Evi web design packages

Basic Enterprise 

Small Business and Personal  For Your Usage Needs


The Basic Business package from Grafik Evi provides you with all the features you expect from a classic website. With the Basic Business website package, you can showcase your business, get information from your customers using forms, organize events and make appointments. You can easily integrate your mobile compatible website with search engines, e-mail and social media accounts. The basic business package is a website package option that includes all the features expected from a classic website, along with a one-year domain, hosting, and ssl certificate. The Chart House Basic Business website package is one of the convenient website solutions to showcase your business on  web, receive messages and calls from your users.

Unlimited Business

For Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

The Unlimited Business web package includes all the features offered by the basic business package, as well as a corporate mail account, unlimited data traffic, collecting information from customers via interactive forms and hosting more content with 10 gb storage space, automatic message and mail sending features, social It offers the features of preparing and sharing media shares via the web control panel. It is one of the suitable website options for modern small businesses, freelancers and medium-sized firms.

Basic Business E-Commerce - ( Most Popular )

Accept Online Payment 

In addition to including all the features of the Unlimited Business package, the Grafik Evi, Basic Business E-Commerce package allows you to host more content with 20 GB of storage space, receive online payments, create a subscription system, access information such as customer and sales analysis, and make online appointments and reservations. . It simplifies your customer management with instant notifications. Grafik Evi Business E-Commerce package is one of the suitable website options for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses who plan to sell online and make reservations or appointments. 

E-Commerce VIP

Build Your Business

With the Grafik Evi E-Ticaret VIP website package, you can have instant live chat with your customers, as well as receive payments via chat and forms, while offering a more comprehensive range of all the advantages offered by other packages. In addition, all your accounts and internet services, including e-mail and social media, work integrated with your website and can be managed through your website. Grafik Evi E-commerce VIP package is one of the suitable website options for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business with e-mail marketing and advanced e-commerce possibilities .

VIP Unlimited

Comprehensive Features

Grafik Evi VIP Unlimited website package is one of the suitable options for companies that have a lot of products or content with its 50 GB storage area. In addition, the VIP Unlimited website package offers unlimited advanced e-commerce and branding strategy options such as social media marketing, e-mail marketing. VIP Unlimited package is the suitable choice for those who want to grow their business with various automations and manage many items under the website.

Grafik Evi designs its website designs using Wix Editor, Ascend by Wix, Corvid by Wix, Editor X servers and infrastructures, unless a different demand occurs.

    It is one of the wide areas of Wix Editor, which is in service to 150 million users in more than 190 countries. Simply put, Wix Editor is that you have full control over its direction. Innovative production, professional and useful site creation and online sales are positive. Whether you are a small business or an entrepreneur, it has all the features and hosts for those who have it for a professional site.


    It also delivers all packages of products ready for you to automate your connections to users and all the tools you need to automate business tools to sell online and set up secure payment.

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